Meet Zoe Sandor

Certified dog trainer as seen on Animal Planet’s Cat vs. Dog

Dog training isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Zoe’s philosophy on creating long term success for the fur-kids in your family boils down to creating an environment where all of your animals are living their best life, together.

Using techniques like boundary setting and positive reinforcement, Zoe’s no-nonsense approach to training gives dog owners the ability to have a well-trained dog anywhere; whether you’re at home, at the park, on the town or visiting friends. Zoe’s holistic approach to dog training means that all of your pet’s caregivers (vets, groomers, day care providers, dog walkers) are included in the process to ensure the best outcomes regardless of where your dog goes.

Watch Zoe on Cat vs. Dog, to see her training in practice.

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